Terms & Conditions

Part A

  • Repatriation of the terminated worker found to be unacceptable to the Employer and Replacement for this worker as AT THE EXPENSE OF THE AGENCY, based on the following conditions.
  • Selection and Recruitment of the manpower recruitment of Employer was undertaken exclusively by the agency.
  • The decision of the Employer to terminate the services of the worker justifiably is made within the probationary period of 3 months, starting from the date; the worker arrived at the site of the employment of the Employer.
  • The lack of ability of the workers to perform the work, unfit and unqualified for the position applied for, as specified by the Job Order of the Employer.
  • Misrepresentation or concealment by the worker or relevant information or materials relevant to his capacity to satisfactory and competently perform the job/work for which he is hired.
  • Failure and Refusal of the worker to work without any acceptable, reasonable and justifiable excuse.
  • Violation of the worker to any of the provisions in Employment Contract with the Employer.


Part B

1 Period of Contract Minimum Two Years.
02 Probation Period Ninety (90) days or according to Labour Laws of the host country.
03 Daily Working Hours 8 hours per day maximum 12 hours per day with 4 hours paid over time.
04 Weekly Working Days 6 days per week.
05 Weekly Rest Day 1 day per week paid holiday.
06 Rate of Overtime As per Labour Laws of host country or minimum 15% of his basic salary per hour.
07 Accommodation Free of cost bachelor type accommodation provided by employer with electricity, water, gas and bedding.
08 Messing Facilities According to Labour Laws of the host country.
09 Medical Facilities Free to be provided by employer.
10 Transport from Residence to Work site Free transport to be provided by the employer.
11 Passage Economy class air message from place of hire to place of employment and back on expiry of contract to be provided by the employer, if not included in salary which should be in addition to minimum wages laid down.
12 Vacation/Leave per Year As per Labour Laws of the host country.
13 Illness Leave per Year As per Labour Laws of the host country.
14 Social Security/Insurance Employee to be converted at the cost of the employer, according to the Labour Laws.
15 Dead Bodies Dispatch of dead bodies or evacuation due to serious injury will be made to Pakistan at employer’s expenses.